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STEMCC BY 4.0microscope medical
STEMCC BY 4.0microscope hand drawn observation tool
STEMCC BY 4.0educative books and microscope on top
STEMCC BY 4.0dna chromosome
STEMPublic DomainFibonacci spiral
STEMCC0 Public DomainAurone
STEMCC0 Public DomainCocaine
STEMCC0 Public DomainCaffeine structure
STEMCC0 Public DomainTHC structure
STEMCC0 Public DomainDopamine molecule
STEMPersonal Usei want to be a princess astrophysicist
STEMPersonal Useschrodingers cat
STEMPersonal Uselose an electron
STEMPersonal Usei heart science
STEMPersonal Usegeology rocks
STEMPersonal Useyoure overreacting
STEMPersonal Usetesla is my homeboy
STEMPersonal Usepart of the solution
STEMPersonal Usemath is one of them
STEMPersonal Uselife liberty pursuit of happiness
STEMPersonal Useforget lab safety
STEMunknowncaffeine molecule 1
STEMPersonal Usecarbon based lifeform
STEMPersonal Usealchemy cube symbol
STEMPersonal Usescience1

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